Saddleworth Property External Waterproofing

In light of the current economic situation, it has been a strange time for all industries throughout the world. However, people are still keen to work on their properties which is a good thing and I am certainly grateful during these strange but hard times.

This was a project we started a little while ago last year. I suppose this could be said as part 2 of the project.

The property is a large Georgian style period property in the Oldham, Saddleworth area. Previously, we had worked on some internal repair work due to penetrating damp through the porous stonework of the building. You can read this previous post here.

Part 2 of this project

We recently returned to the customer’s property to treat the external stonework of the property with a specialist waterproofing solution.

stormseal protection  External damp preventer being applied


The whole reason the customer had issues in the first place is due to the ‘Sandstone’ of the property being porous, which allows the damp to penetrate and damage the interior of the property.

This is a common issue on these types of properties, especially when they subject to high rainfall.

external stone wall  coated external stonework   Solution applied to brickwork

The solution seals and holes or cracks giving the stonework a form of waterproof coating which repels and water trying to penetrate the brickwork. The whole external wall is coated to help prevent any future damage.

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