Rising Damp Issues at Oldham property

After meter testing a local property in Oldham, it was found that the property was suffering from a severe rising damp issue, a common issue for properties of a certain age. It was evident on the walls and above the skirting boards.

How to remedy the issues at the property

All skirting board were removed, including plaster from main walls to at least a meter high. A silicone DPC was installed including a ‘Damp Proof Membrane’ which was then fixed to the main brickwork. The main Kitchen also had to be removed before the Damp proof course could be effectively installed.

Damp proof membrane in lounge      Membrane DPC to back wall      Kitchen units removed for DPC

Property finally re-plastered for customer

After the damp proof course was installed new ‘Dot and Dab’ plaster boarding to membrane. The boards were then skimmed and all skirting boards refitted together with reinstating the existing kitchen.

All that is needed now is a period of time for drying before redecoration by the customer.

Plastered DPC in lounge      Replastered kitchen

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